We're All In This Together

by Tyler Heath

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tbcskeeper This album is great! You can see the same care and detail that would later make the Oh Hellos so special. The album has a nice mix of sounds that range from hints of country to electronic drones. The writing is sharp the whole way through. It's a tragedy that so few people know about this album. Favorite track: Changing All The Time.
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mDuo13 WE GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE Favorite track: Oh No.
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this album is full of reflections, questions, and musings about life, love, meaning, and the six billion other people in the world searching for them.

you're not alone -- we're all in this together.


released August 17, 2009


all rights reserved



Tyler Heath Houston

If dreams were dollars, I'd be a wealthy man.

TYLER HEATH is a singer, songwriter, and recording artist living in South Texas. His influences range from NEEDTOBREATHE and Mumford & Sons to Coldplay and Switchfoot, and while his writing and sound remain distinctive, his style and genre are fluid and change with every song. ... more

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Track Name: Irony
nodding your head while inside you keep singing your tune
shaking your fist when deep down you know they've got the truth

all your world is pretending to be something you've never been
preaching appearance is nothing and trying so hard to fit in

you're tying the rope and cutting the line
saying let's go and stalling for time
discrepancies stand between who you are and who you should be
it’s irony, irony

humbling thyself and inside singing "ha, I'm the best"
knowing the answers and somehow still failing the test

what keeps you alive, what makes you breathe
what makes you love and laugh and believe
what gives you hope when it all falls apart
who do you follow, and what holds your heart
what makes you strong, what makes you weak
what keeps you silent, what makes you speak
where do you run to when you run away
what lets you hold on, 'cause maybe the next day
will give you the reason for what's going on
will give you the courage to keep going strong
what makes us bleed, what makes us die
what makes us human, what makes us try
Track Name: Distance
it's late at night, and the highway's empty, but my instincts say "don't slow down here"
home is far away, and they don't speak my language
if I ask for help, I might insult their mom

it's a lonely road home

call me anytime
I'm alone here on the highway tonight
and everything I want is several hundred miles away
but it's alright

far away, by a fireside you stay, in a rocking chair with your knitting on your lap
you've been folding sheets and washing booster seats
and waking up every two and a half hours

her eyes are wide, she starts to cry
but you move as fast as the wind and she's in your arms
saying "don't be sad -- it's really not so bad
we're never really apart from the ones we love"

and separation cuts me deep but I cannot believe it keeps
when all the love that's in my heart gets stronger with each mile mark
people die and people leave, but I believe in this relief
distance is illusion

baby, don't you cry
it's been days but I'm coming home tonight
and everything I want is getting closer by the hour
and it's all right
Track Name: Morning
when the morning comes
I will wake for you
I will wake for you in the morning

when the day is long
I will work for you
I will work for you in the sunshine

when the evening comes
I will rest in you
I will rest in you in the evening

when the night devours the sun
I will trust in you
I will trust in you when the night falls

I will trust in you
Track Name: Waiting
been working all your life just to get it straight
but you just can't seem to catch a break
opportunity just never comes your way
you've heard that good things come to those who wait
but you're tired of leaving things to fate
yeah, you're tired of waiting on your life to change

been living at a break-neck train wreck edge of a knife
got your heart set gonna get a better life

life is too short for waiting
on our lives to change themselves

been putting off all the things you ever wanted to do
passing time, getting by, just to make it through
'cause your dreams can't keep a roof over your head
and the world keeps turning nine to five
while you're struggling just to stay alive
it's just a matter of time

we say things will get better with some time
but time is a finite resource and we only have so much for making strides
and woe betide us if we die before we live
Track Name: Changing All The Time
you know you can't stop time, can't slow it down
we try to turn it back and fight another round
every day that we live is another chance to fall apart
but the inevitable will find you quickly or slow
whether you're ready and willing or hiding from it
you know we've got no choice whatsoever

'cause we are changing all the time

and nobody wants to face the fact
that all of the human race is finite and fragile
we do what we can with what we've got
but all of us are dying every day

one way or another, you're a different soul
than you were yesterday or an hour ago
and it won't stop 'til your breath does
hard times will fall on your head like rain
and you won't know if you'll ever love again
but nothing lasts forever

can't stop, no we can't stop changing
we've got no choice whatsoever

we cling to what we know
the way it's always been
that's the way it goes
Track Name: You Never Sleep
you never sleep
you're always awake
night after night, you are listening

you never sleep
you're always awake
night after night, you are with me
Track Name: One
even as I breathe out, someone else is breathing in

we're all in this together

time is the wedge that will drive us apart
distance can't stop the beat of a heart
spun like a web of connections we weave
we're tied to each other

nobody is alone
Track Name: Oh No
it never happens all at once
we sink a little further every day
we acclimate to all our doubts and worries
but they never really go away

oh, no
how did we get here?
we've gotta get out

we've been asleep for such a long time
now we're stuck that way
holding ourselves captive
living in a prison that we designed
but the walls and bars are all inside our minds
and we've gotta get out

is there a heartbeat in my chest
or ice, or stone, or circuitry?
am I alive or am I dead, or dying
my eyes are open but I'm still asleep

oh no, gotta get outta here

time is running out for everybody every second we live
it's not enough to say you're waiting when there's so much to give
we're going through the motions, wearing down the gears
but we're more than machines

every day we slip a little more

oh, no
Track Name: Inevitable
round and round we go
dancing around the words we need to say
with our fingers in our ears
we're torn in two
we're troubled and tired
from the year we wasted wearing ourselves down

'cause the world keeps turning, world keeps turning round
and the switch that shuts that clock down can't be found
seems like time's forever running out
but we keep on fighting

heartache is inevitable
but it's ending from the get-go

the world revolves the same
the world it doesn't blame nobody
it doesn't blame nobody
you can shout all that you like
you can try with all your might
but after all these years I'm getting tired of fighting

when your heart breaks
it doesn't break for good