Let It Go

by Tyler Heath

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Jacqueline Gordon
Jacqueline Gordon thumbnail
Jacqueline Gordon This album just makes me feel happy about life. Let It Go is absolutely positive and hopeful, and yet it's never shallow or overly idealistic. Somehow, when I listen to "It Will Not Always Be Raining," no matter what situation I'm in, I believe it. Thanks for sharing your gifts, Tyler! Favorite track: It Will Not Always Be Raining.
Sarah Guth
Sarah Guth thumbnail
Sarah Guth The lyrics to It Will Not Always Be Raining are beautiful. No others words could possibly describe it. No other words are needed. Favorite track: It Will Not Always Be Raining.
tardyangel thumbnail
tardyangel Such a pretty song. Listening to this song feels like a prequel to Hello My Old Heart & I Have Made Mistakes. I'm very happy to have happened across Tyler's music. Favorite track: It Will Not Always Be Raining.
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TYLER HEATH is a singer-songwriter hailing from southern Texas. His influences include artists like NEEDTOBREATHE, Switchfoot, Coldplay, and Mute Math.

This album is the result of a year of songwriting dealing mostly with a lot of personal struggles and successes I've had in that time. I've learned a lot while recording these songs, but the one lesson that's stuck with me the most is that you've got to Let It Go.

my other project:
THE OH HELLO'S, a collaboration with my talented sister


released October 8, 2010


all rights reserved



Tyler Heath Houston

If dreams were dollars, I'd be a wealthy man.

TYLER HEATH is a singer, songwriter, and recording artist living in South Texas. His influences range from NEEDTOBREATHE and Mumford & Sons to Coldplay and Switchfoot, and while his writing and sound remain distinctive, his style and genre are fluid and change with every song. ... more

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Track Name: Hours
not long ago I saw a girl
come walking down the road
she stopped me with a smile
that sent a shiver through my bones
she knew my name before I had
the chance to say a word
she said it was my lucky day
and offered me the world

"tell me what you want, and I will grant your wish
all the hours you've searched, I will transfer them
back into your account," she said

"it's easy; but yours is not to question
but to sign your life away"

yours is not to question, yours is not to question
yours is not to question, but to sign your life away

(God, please God, won't you save my soul)

now here am I, and there are you
a devil in disguise
grinning like a demon only inches from its prize
I've heard the devil steals your soul
and locks it in a box
or melts it in a lake of fire and drinks it on the rocks

"all fairy tales," the girl replied, certificate in hand
"this offer is benign and innocent,
please understand!"

"it's safe, it is secure, and it is easy;
but yours is not to question,
but to sign without delay"

yours is not to question, yours is not to question
yours is not to question, but to sign your life away

the devil will take any form to bring you to your knees
an angel on the surface,
but a serpent underneath
his venom coursing through your veins,
hour after hour,
stirring up your pain until you fall under his power

the road to hell is long,
but it is soft beneath your feet
no warning signs to rouse your mind
out of its apathy
it's comfortable, it's pleasant, and it's easy

(God, please God, save my soul)
Track Name: Sooner
escape into a fantasy
don't disturb me
we give until our hearts give out
if not sooner

we give sooner or later

black shadows under tired eyes
I've been better
we lie awake as hours roll by
how much longer?

we sleep sooner or later

a light deep down inside our bones
shines eternal
and after we have left our homes
where you lead us, we will follow

we will fear no evil
Track Name: The Beast
who are you hiding from?
you said, "I'm hiding from the Beast"
where is it coming from?
you said, "it's coming from the sea"

you say he comes with the red sun,
comes with a loaded gun
you'd better keep your head down,
turn your tail and run

who do you think you are, cowering in defeat?
why are you so afraid
of the nightmares in your sleep?

who are you hiding from?
and why are you so afraid?

bury it in the ground
and there, let it sleep
because the deadliest enemy
is not the world, or the Beast

we are the red sun
we are the loaded gun
you'd better keep your head down
turn your tail and run

the deadliest enemy
is our self
Track Name: Young
run outside with your Sunday best on
leave behind your blues
with your mama chasing after you
yelling, "you forgot your shoes!"

but your feet don't mind the feeling
of the pavement on the ground
the sticks and stones could break your bones
but they couldn't keep you down

oh, I remember how it was
a fire burning in your blood
brave like you've never been since
oh, I remember being young
from my skin down to my bones
I didn't want to be grown
and you know I'm not alone

every day was a way to conquer the world
you were living on the edge, you were living in a whirl
and fear was just a friend who kept you on your toes
and then just like that you lost your nerve
you got all caught up in what you deserve
but that excuse is getting pretty old

it's been so long
but someday we'll find it
Track Name: Memory
spiderwebs on the walls
of a cathedral starting to fall
broken down concert halls
and there's nothing we can do

they were beautiful when you made them
but as time goes by, you leave them all behind

try so hard to forget
you grow up, you grow apart
you were king of the hill
'til you were shot through the heart

it's over; leave it behind you now

we are not what we have,
but the things we give away
we are not what we know,
but the things that we let go

they were beautiful when you made them
but everything will fall apart with time
they were beautiful when you made them
but you're holding yourself down
by holding on

they were beautiful
but you're holding yourself down
can't stop the world from turning
can't stop the world from turning 'round
Track Name: Cost of Living
well I pay more and I get less
less than the day before

I sleep more and get less rest
less than the day before

the cost of living rises
a little more than the day before

oh, pain and heartache
doubt and worry
fear and apathy and hate
these are the things I can do without
this is the price I refuse to pay

and the cost of living rises
the cost of living rises
the cost of living rises every day
but I won't pay it, no
Track Name: You Did This To Yourself
now I hate to be a jerk
and this is probably going to hurt
but our situation merits a word
when you come in here
crying and whining and moaning
about the mess that you're in that you richly deserve
it's like something inside you
that burns and drives you
to live like a king born destined to rule
so I hate to be cruel
and just sit here and laugh
but you were the one saying we were the fools

you did this to yourself

well you rambled and gambled
and burned all your money
on women and imported wine
spent every penny that you ever owned
then you tried to start burning through mine
lived on the edge, with one foot in the grave
and made peace with God every day
said, "every penny you save is a penny you waste"
and money's just paper, so you threw it away

we're living like we've got all the time in the world
Track Name: Fire Fight
back to the wall
you've got me in the corner
saying all the things that are going to get you up in arms
going to get you raising the alarms
it's been coming on for days
it's looking like there's nothing left to save
we pushed and shoved too hard
we bent 'til we broke our hearts

you've got two barrels of hot lead
ready and aiming at my head
tell me what you want, maybe we can work this out

nobody's coming out of this alive

we've got so much left to fight for

cut to the quick
you walk soft, but you're carrying a stick
big enough to break my world apart
big enough to break my heart
nothing left to say
it's not like you'd listen, anyway
there's nothing to change our minds
nothing to make it right this time

we've got too much left to live for
too much left to fight for
to go down fighting each other now

forgive and forget
oh, you've got to let it go, let it go

let it go
Track Name: Coming Home
I've heard it said
that home is just a word
and words are just the refuge of a cowardly man
I've heard that home
is just the house that you grew up in
a building that was built by someone else's hand

some people try to find a home and take it
but I believe that home is where you make it

and I am still coming home
I still haven't found the place where I belong
I've traveled the world
seen a thousand suns rise
but I refuse to lay down and die
I'm still coming home

people will say
that I am just a dreamer
and dreams are nice
but someday you've just got to settle down
but settling is just
another word for surrender
and I will not surrender 'til they bury me in the ground

and if home is where the heart is
my home is with you
and where my treasure lies
is the look there in your eyes

if home is where the heart is
then I'm coming home
to you
Track Name: It Will Not Always Be Raining
it won't always go how you want it to go
but the flower needs the rain
just as it needs the sun to grow
there will always be something
that's beyond your control
but you'll never live 'til you let it go

don't you give up on me now, we've got too far to go
and your life isn't over
until you say it's so
there will always be someone
who will love you, then lay you low
but you'll never live 'til you let it go

no, it won't always go how you want it to go
the rain will surely find you
and the sun will come and go
but it will not always be raining
seasons change, people grow
and you'll never live 'til you let it go

pain and heartache
all your doubts, all your worries
all your fear and apathy
your hate and jealousy
you've gotta lay them down
gotta bury them in the ground
'cause you'll never live 'til you let it go

you'll never live 'til you let it go